3 Millionth Emerson Digital Valve Controller Purchased

Emerson has announced that a customer in China has recently purchased the 3 millionth Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ digital valve controller for use in the water treatment pressure control valve in their membrane plant. A digital valve controller helps regulate and monitor the opening and closing of a control valve, and it also provides a wealth of information with respect to valve status and health. Although this is a significant milestone for Emerson, more important are the top seven reasons why process plant personnel specify, purchase, install and use Fisher instruments.

First, a FIELDVUE digital valve controller enables remote monitoring of the control valve position. Florida Power & Light installed FIELDVUE digital valve controllers on 90 of their Fisher control valves are used to control natural gas and steam flow associated with the turbines. Plant operators in the control room now receive valve position feedback, allowing them to verify the operation of each valve.

Second, in an offline mode, a FIELDVUE digital valve controller can be used to create a signature for a new valve. This signature captures details on packing friction, air usage, valve travel, and other parameters—all of which can be compared to future valve signature test results.

Third, FIELDVUE digital valve controllers can proactively monitor valve performance while the valve is online and controlling the process, revealing if a valve is failing to reach commanded states or is exhibiting excessive air usage or abnormal friction, for example.

Fourth, FIELDVUE digital valve controllers can detect trigger events, and then capture valve profile and performance data before, during, and after the event.

Fifth, FIELDVUE digital valve controllers are often used in critical applications, such as on anti-surge and safety interlock valves. In these and other applications, the digital valve controllers enable partial stroke testing to ensure the valve will perform as required during abnormal conditions, and they can also be used for partial proof testing to extend intervals between required full proof testing.

Sixth, historical data from the digital valve controller can be combined with other upstream and downstream process information—such as surging pressures or swinging flows—to uncover operational problems.

Seventh, FIELDVUE digital valve controllers enable secure remote valve monitoring provided as a service by third-party experts, whose efforts unload often limited plant personnel. Based on instantaneous and trended data, it is possible to detect abnormal conditions leading to many developing problems.

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