300 automatic valves for water tanks in Pune

Various works are going on in the city of Pune including a common water supply scheme, the laying of new water lines, the installation of water meters, and more. Along with those, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has started installing ‘automatic valves’ on water tanks to reduce human intervention in the water supply system.

Aniruddha Pawaskar, Head of PMC Water Supply Department, has confirmed the same by stating that automatic valves will be installed on water tanks in 300 areas in Pune city.

As per further information, three ‘automatic valves’ have been installed on water tanks in Viman Nagar. Two ‘automatic valves’ will be installed at Baner & Balewadi areas in the coming days. These valves are going to be installed at three hundred places in the city. Valves can be turned on and off by remote.

These valves are installed on the water channel of these tanks, and ‘actuators’ are going to be installed on it. With the help of this, the release and closing of the valve can be done remotely. By installing the valves, the water pressure and its duration can be controlled, which will reduce human intervention and reduce complaints.

The decision to install valves was taken as there were complaints from the residents that the valves were not opened properly leading to low pressure and quantity of water supply, not closing the valve on time, etc.

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