360 degree rotary actuators

Festo has launched a series of electromechanical rotary actuators that provide movement flexibility. The ERMB modules are capable of accommodating any desired angle of rotation – including a full 360 degrees and continuous unlimited rotary motion. The modules feature mounting interfaces on each of their six sides and can be mounted in any position, making them easy to integrate with other axes, and have a large diameter hollow output shaft to facilitate the feed-through of cables and tubing. They are suitable for orienting gripper units at the front end of cantilever axes. Festo offers three sizes of ERMB rotary modules, with maximum output torques of 3.1, 8.8 and 24Nm. The smallest model – the ERMB-20 – measures just 65 x 145mm with a height of 54mm and weighs 850g. The actuator can handle direct loads of up to 30kg and moments of inertia as high as 200kg cm/cm. The largest model, known as the ERMB-32, can accommodate moments of inertia as high as 3700kg cm/cm. All ERMB series rotary modules feature a built-in homing sensor for use when indexing, and can also be equipped with an optional sensing kit for monitoring angular displacement.

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