AAK’s hydraulic pressure valve

AAK has supplied Parker series hydraulic pressure valves with not only a 95% opening rate, but also a 90% closing rate, and the pressure swing is controlled at ±0.1MPa. What is more unexpected to the customer is that the service life is 2.5 times longer than that of the other manufacturers, up to more than 1 million times. Therefore, without suspense, AAK has become the preferred manufacturer of a British customer for Parker series hydraulic valves. 
In the hydraulic valve industry, more and more manufacturers focus on homogeneous hydraulic valves and only carry on price war when developing market, resulting in the decline of the quality of hydraulic valve components, the decline of process level, and the simplification of the production process. Many hydraulic valve manufacturers think they know how to make durable hydraulic valves, but always encounter problems when they make samples and run them in production.
In the beginning, when Shawn, a British customer, was looking for Parker series hydraulic pressure valves in China, he tested hydraulic pressure valves from more than 10 manufacturers, but none of them is a satisfying hydraulic valve manufacturer. Some hydraulic pressure valves are stable, but the accuracy is not up to standard; some accuracy is OK, but the stability is not up to standard. 
After receiving the samples of Parker series hydraulic pressure valves from AAK, Shawn tested and found that they all met his requirements, so he placed an order and let us prepare materials and begin production. After receiving the goods, his customers also said that the Parker series hydraulic pressure valves produced by AAK have stable quality, up to standard accuracy and durability. Shawn said that his company decided to transfer all orders for hydraulic pressure valves to AAK in the future.
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