ABO obtained important certificates in 2012

During 2012 the Czech Republic based valves manufacturer ABO valve obtained four important certificates: API 609-0068, DVGW, AD 2000 and Lloyd’s Register. These certificates widen the company certificates’ collection which already includes e.g. ISO 9001, TUV, GOSTR, ROSTECHNADZOR or TA Luft.
ABO Commercial director, Miroslav Študent stated that “Continual work on ABO valves certifications shows our customers that ABO emphasizes quality & it guarantees them high quality products. It also demonstrates our technological maturity and strengthens our position on the valve market.”
The API Monogram License No. 609-0068 awarded to ABO butterfly valves by American Petroleum Institute (API) has strengthened ABO’s position among main European valve manufacturers as currently, butterfly valves with API 609 Monogram are offered – apart from ABO – just by 3 other Europe-based producers. This certification encompasses high requirements on supplies into oil & gas industry.
The DVGW certificate was issued to ABO centric butterfly valves Series 900 (DN 32–400, PN 10) designated for gas distribution systems mainly in Germany and other European countries.
The AD 2000 certificate verifies and recognizes ABO as manufacturer of valves without welding according to the rules of AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0, AD2000-Merklblatt A4 and AD 2000-Merkblatt HP100R and it is especially applicable to German oil & gas industry.
Finally, the ABO centric valves Series 900 and eccentric valves Series 2E-5 obtained international certificate Lloyd’s Register which is an important condition for usage of valves in oil & chemical tankers as it ensures meeting of demanding safety limits.
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