Adanac/Apollo Top Entry Ball Valves pass fire test

Adanac has a long term business relationship with Conbraco Industries, which is based in NC, USA. Conbraco manufactures a range of valves and fittings under the name of Apollo Valves, a range which includes a high quality, Top Entry Ball Valve.
The design of the Top Entry Ball Valve lends itself to critical applications. With minimal leak paths and ease of inline maintenance, it is favoured by engineers and maintenance personnel alike and is now the preferred valve type for the LNG industry.
Due to the close relationship between the Top Entry Ball Valve and LNG, Adanac have worked very closely with Conbraco over the last year to develop the valve for cryogenic service, a development which culminated in a successful fire test.
The tests were undertaken at Technical Valve Services in Leicester, and saw a 2” Class 300 valve and a 3” class 300 valve successfully tested. The sizes and pressure ratings of the valves tested ensure a size range of ½” to 6” and pressure rating up to Class 600 are now certified Firesafe to API 607. The certified range also covers reduced and full bore valves in stainless steel with flanged, socket weld and butt weld end connections. Adanac have subjected this valve to a cryogenic test to BS 6364, a test which insists upon the valve withstanding temperatures down to -196°C.
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