ADNOC awards CCS contract to Celeros FT

Celeros Flow Technology (Celeros FT) has won the contract to supply two high pressure injection packages to ADNOC for carbon capture and storage (CCS) at its existing Habshan gas plant. Incorporating advanced pump technology from Celeros FT’s ClydeUnion Pumps brand, these supercritical CO2 injection packages will be among the world’s largest. The project is part of ADNOC’s planned USD 15bn decarbonization investment in low-carbon solutions with the aim of decarbonizing their operations to reach Net Zero by 2050.

The CCS project is one of the largest in the MENA region, and ADNOC’s first for its oil and gas operations. It is designed to achieve a CCS capability of five million tonnes per annum by 2030. The Celeros FT pump packages will handle the captured supercritical CO2 from the ADNOC Gas (AG) Habshan facility and transport it by dedicated pipeline to the Bab Far North Full Field Development CO2 Storage Hub, which will serve as a junction point to receive supercritical CO2 from different suppliers and divert it to consumers within the Bab Far North FFD.

The two high pressure injection packages are part of the initial phase of the development. They will feature Celeros FT’s high pressure BB5 pump technology and include electric motors, variable frequency drives (VFDs), dry gas seal, and dry gas seal systems. Each pump train will be capable of injecting 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per annum, which equates to the carbon emissions of more than 326,000 vehicles. The contract will be fulfilled by Celeros FT’s ClydeUnion Pumps brand, with the skidded packages being assembled and string tested at their flagship site in Glasgow, Scotland.

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