Agritechnica proportional pool valve

Hydraulic positioning and actuating functions in agricultural machines are frequently implemented in parallel and may require only low flow rates of less than 40 l/min. The cost-efficient proportional directional spool valve type EDL from HAWE Hydraulik SE, Munich, is exactly right for these requirements. It controls the direction and speed of movement of several hydraulic consumers in parallel and independently of the load.

The valve operates with a load-sensing system, and is controlled directly and actuated electrically. The flow rates for each different consumer can be adjusted individually, for example for functions in combine harvesters, forage harvesters and root crop harvesters. Values ranging from less than one to 50 l/min are possible.

The EDL valve is designed for a system pressure of up to 320 bar, giving it higher compressive strength than comparable products of the market. The valve improves the energy efficiency of the hydraulic system, since the flow resistance is 50% lower than usual. The EDL type can be provided with additional hydraulic functions by means of flange-mounted blocks and intermediate plates from the modular system.

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