Air Products and Binhua sign contract in China

Air Products has announced a new signed contract with Shandong Binhua New Material Co., Ltd. (Binhua) for long-term gas supply in support of Binhua’s flagship chemical project. Binhua is a subsidiary of Befar Group, one of China’s leading petroleum and chemical enterprises. The project is located in the Beihai Economic Development Zone of Binzhou City, Shandong Province, China. 
Air Products will build, own and operate several onsite gas production facilities, including an energy-efficient air separation unit (ASU), to meet Binhua’s gaseous oxygen and nitrogen demand. The ASU will also provide liquid products to other customers in the park and the growing merchant market in Shandong Province. All facilities intend to be fully operational in 2022.
Taking advantage of Beihai Economic Development Zone’s industrial development, geographical location and natural resources, the high-end Binzhou Port-centered Chemical Industry Park has already attracted several major chemical companies, including Binhua. Binhua’s RMB 51.5 billion yuan (USD 7.5 billion) two-phase propane and butane integrated utilization project involves world-leading technologies and green production and will comply with China’s latest environmental regulations. Air Products’ highly energy-efficient facilities will supply reliable gases to this project for producing a variety of chemical materials for use in high-growth new materials and new energy products.
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