Albion working on turnkey project in Lisbon, Portugal

Albion Marine Solutions ongoing major Turnkey project in Lisbon, Portugal, is progressing day by day, with the teams specialized in different domains such as system integration, BWTS installation, and control panel specialists are collaborating 24/7 to achieve efficiency and productivity. Last day, the BWTS installation team began the Alfa Laval Ballast Water Treatment installation process. 
Under this current turnkey project, Albion is providing effective technical designs, supplying all the necessary equipment simultaneously involved in installing them, which includes GRE pipes, Pipe Spools, Valves with hydraulic actuators, Electrical Panels, Electric cables, and Albion marine assembled distribution boards. Furthermore, providing engineering project management services for the complete vessel.
Albion Marine Solutions is expanding globally and is specialized in innovative marine turnkey solutions offering services at worldwide locations. The turnkey package is customizable as per client requirements, which consist of designing, planning, manufacture, scanning, installation, commissioning, maintenance, training, on-site support, and after-sales support & service.
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