Alfa Laval unveils two new hygienic valves

Alfa Laval is introducing two new hygienic valves, the Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CIP and Unique Mixproof Process, expanding its hygienic double-seat valve range to meet market needs. These valves offer a cost-effective solution for manufacturers aiming to enhance product safety, process efficiency, and sustainability.

Based on proven performance, the Unique Mixproof CIP efficiently manages cleaning media flow during cleaning-in-place (CIP), while the Unique Mixproof Process, a compact version of Alfa Laval double-seat valves, is configurable to meet various hygienic processing requirements. Both valves can simultaneously route two different fluids without cross-contamination, improving uptime and reducing total cost of ownership.

Manufacturers can depend on the Unique Mixproof CIP and Unique Mixproof Process for cost-effective product safety. Featuring Alfa Laval double seat technology with seat lift, these valves keep fluids separated, ensuring efficient cleaning and protection against harmful microorganisms. With a fully balanced design, they can withstand high pressure without the risk of pressure shocks. Additionally, they are certified according to FDA, 3A, and other recognized standards.

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