Alternative fuel service ball valves

Swagelok Co., Solon, Ohio, USA, introduces its new high- pressure, high-flow alternative fuel service ball valves. The alternative fuel service ball valve has working pressures up to 6000psig at 250°F and flow coefficients (Cv) ranging from 4.0 to 13.8. The 2-way ball valve can be used in natural gas vehicles, including buses, lorries, and cars. The valve holds service pressures up to 3625psig at temperatures up to 248°F. The high operating temperatures allow the valve, for example, to be placed closer to compressors and engines permitting a wider range of applications. Additional features include a low-temperature fluorocarbon O-ring material, a spring-loaded seat and fractional and metric Swagelok tube fitting end connections providing gaugeable installation and consistent, leak-tight connections.

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