AS-Schneider receives fire safe approval

ISO FE Series Monoflanges from AS-Schneider are fire type tested and certified to guarantee protection for the plant and personnel in the event of fire.

AS-Schneider`s Monoflanges, VariAS-Blocks and K-Series Ball Valves are tested and approved for fire safety as standard. The test basis at AS-Schneider is ISO 10497 ‘testing of valves – fire-type testing requirements’ and API 607 ‘fire test for quarter-turn valves and values equipped with non-metallic seats’. The type test is monitored and certified at AS-Schneider by the Technical Inspection Authority TÜV SÜD.

ISO 10497 defines the requirements and the process for evaluating the functionality of valves and fittings that are exposed to fire. For this, the valve to be tested is exposed to water under pressure and to fire for a period of 30 minutes.

The leakage from the valve seat and the external leakage are measured for the entire duration of the test. The valve is then tested again to ensure that it is operable.
To guarantee the external tightness, only graphite or metallic seal rings are used for stem and body seals.
Spring washers ensure guaranteed internal tightness for OS&Y needle valves that compensate the different length expansion of the individual parts, and therefore prevent the valve tip lifting off the valve seat.

Concerning ball valves a secondary metal sealing guarantees the internal tightness. Under normal operating conditions, a polymeric seat provides a bubble tight sealing. In the event of fire, the secondary metal sealing will ensure the tightness instead of the burnt polymeric seat.

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