AS-Schneider’s valves certified according to TA-Luft

Manufacturers and users of industrial valves are looking forward to the new version of the TA-Luft announced for 2021. Among other things, it contains changes in the test process for the leakage safety of valves. AS-Schneider already meets these new requirements with its E Series, which means that the valves are not only very safe but also available at short notice. 
A revised version of the TA-Luft is expected for 2021. A corresponding cabinet draft is already available and only needs to be passed by the Bundesrat. Changes concern, among other things, the test process for industrial valves: Whereas manufacturers previously had to prove the tightness of their products only at room temperature, low temperature, and elevated temperature, they now have to do so for several, precisely specified thermal cycles. If leakages occurred in the past during the cooling phase after an increased temperature, some manufacturers took advantage of a loophole in VDI 2440 and omitted this phase from their test process. This will now change to guarantee users a verifiable and comparable tightness of the valves under all operating conditions.
At AS-Schneider, the specialist for industrial valves, this test process has already been the standard for ten years. The valves of the company from Nordheim in Baden-Württemberg therefore already meet the requirements of the new TA-Luft and in some cases even in the highest tightness class A and the highest endurance class CO3 at 420 bar test pressure. AS-Schneider offers a comprehensive portfolio with its E-Series, which also covers a temperature range from -50 to +400 degrees Celsius and nominal pressures up to 250 bar. The manufacturer carries out the tests on an in-house test station and has them monitored by TÜV Süd.
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