ASCO Numatics introduce new range

ASCO Numatics have just announced the release of their new range of energy efficient motorised valves with stainless steel bodies. The ASeries 290 motorised valves are compact and lightweight. Suitable for AC or DC operation they have a low power consumption of just 12W.
The range of compact and lightweight motorised valves are to be used for applications where electric actuation is required. The new valves are quiet in use and can be operated by a 24V DC power supply or by AC voltages of 24 to 48 and 110 to 250 (50 or 60Hz). The low power design requires just 12W of power during opening/closing, compared with 40 to 50W for similar products.
Available as G ⅜”, ½” and ¾” body in stainless steel, the motorised valve is suitable for fluid temperatures up to 90°C and is rated to IP65, making it suitable for outdoor use without an enclosure. The angled seat design provides a high flow rate and testing has proved that the valves are reliable for more than one million cycles, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
With a fast response time of less than 2 seconds per cycle (open and close), they do not require a current to maintain position. Low operational power consumption enables cabling and power supplies to be minimised – saving cost and reducing footprint. LED’s indicate the status of the device and these are visible through 360° to aid installation and troubleshooting.
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