ASCO releases low power 327 series

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company’s main supplier, ASCO, has recently released their ASCO 327 series valves. These valves are now available in low power DC constructions. The new ASCO 327 series valves provide the same high flow as the standard 327 series while only utilizing 2 watts of power.

The products are used for a wide variety of applications, including actuator piloting and utilities control. The new low power DC constructions are available with General Purpose and Explosion Proof solenoids (prefix EF only).

The new ASCO 327 series products are designed for high flow piloting with no minimum operating pressure required so are ideal for use in power plants, refineries and chemical processing. Low power 2-watt coil provides energy savings and is ideal for use in plant control systems and remote applications. The valves have special rider rings that help reduce and friction and eliminate sticking to provide exceptional service life.

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