AUMA awarded super thermal contract

AUMA has announced one of its most prestigious power industry orders for its electric actuator technology to date at the Kudgi Super Thermal power plant, part of an ambitious Indian Government initiative to address the country’s energy requirements. The 2,400 MW capacity project is being supplied with 1,000 AUMA weather proof actuators and 100 worm gearboxes to provide flow control technology for boilers, turbines and generators.
The contract is the latest in a series of power sector orders for AUMA India, which has supplied actuation technology to virtually every power plant in the country. Over 100 Indian plants have adopted AUMA actuators.
Expertise supplying coal fired thermal power plants, which use super-critical technologies, was a significant contributory factor in AUMA’s contract win. A successful sales and service track record, with both the end customer and the plant’s valve makers, reinforced the company’s position.

Commenting on AUMA actuators’ essential role, Sandhya Sengar, Press Officer for AUMA India said: “Higher process efficiency and lower total cost of operation are main drivers for plant operators, and this requires full scheme automation. Actuators play a key contribution supporting plant processes: flow control is enabled which is lifeline for power plants, maximizing boiler and turbine performance. Reliable operation in challenging climatic conditions is also important, particularly in installations such as Kudgi. Devices are commissioned in a range of locations and are frequently exposed to harsh climatic conditions including dust, storms and heavy monsoon rains. To withstand this extreme environment, the highest protection is required, which is met by AUMA’s weather proof actuators with IP 68 enclosure protection as standard.”

Commission of AUMA’s devices is part of the first development phase, along with super-critical coal-fired boilers supplied by Doosan Chennai and turbine & steam generators supplied by Toshiba.

Formed in 1986, AUMA India is a major subsidiary with credentials that are highly regarded by the country’s valve makers, consultants and power plant contractors.

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