AUMA TIGRON: The new actuator for oil & gas industry

Building on AUMA’s experience as a leading electric actuator manufacturer, TIGRON combines the highest level of explosion protection, robust design, outstanding ease of operation, and the latest trends in digitalisation. 
TIGRON actuators are ATEX- and IECEx-certified for the highest gas group IIC, which includes the highly flammable hydrogen. Other approvals will follow. The actuators are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. IP68 enclosure protection and AUMA’s extremely resistant powder coating protect effectively against tropical downpours, ocean spray, and desert sandstorms.
For installation in hard-to-reach locations or where vibration is a problem, the controls can be mounted separately, up to 100 m away from the actuator. TIGRON actuators will also be available in SIL versions.
Long-term reliability is assured by TIGRON’s proven drive gear: The new actuators use the same high-quality mechanics and motors as AUMA’s tried and trusted SA and SAEx actuator ranges.
Powerful electronics, innovative sensor systems, and a wide variety of interfaces ensure that TIGRON is future-proof as the digital transformation advances. Data upload to the AUMA Cloud facilitates predictive maintenance. Low standby power consumption decreases operating costs.
Excellent usability is another feature. Particularly striking are the large display and the robust Combi-Switch, which can be operated easily even when wearing gloves. An on-board commissioning assistant guides the operator safely through the setting procedure. TIGRON actuators provide a non-intrusive setup without requiring additional tools for commissioning.
TIGRON actuators work with all types of valves. As a multi-turn actuator, TIGRON is ideal for gate valve automation. It is available in six sizes, providing torques from 10 Nm up to 1,000 Nm. Higher torques can be achieved in combination with multi-turn gearboxes. For ball, butterfly, and globe valve automation, TIGRON actuators are combined with part-turn gearboxes or linear thrust units.
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