AUMA’s rapid response restores Australian WFP

AUMA’s rapid response for actuation support was demonstrated recently when a Water Filtration Plant in New South Wales, Australia was shut down due to flood damage. In less than 24 hours after Gulgong WFP’s call for assistance, a service engineer from the electric actuator manufacturer’s local subsidiary Barron GJM Pty Ltd. was at the isolated site 300 km northwest of Sydney. The WFP, managed by the Mid-Western Regional Council, provides an essential service to Gulgong, a town founded in the 1870’s, whose early history is rooted in the ‘gold rush’ era.

The electric actuator requiring replacement was key to completing an essential backwash process required to maintain the WFP’s operation. Within two hours, the damaged actuator was replaced and the plant brought back on line, providing critical water supply to the town’s population of 7,500 people.

Commenting on AUMA’s global commitment to high service levels, the engineer who carried out the repair, Jeff Briggs said: “As illustrated at Gulgong WFP, we are acutely aware that AUMA’s actuators are often adopted in critical automation processes: we recognize that it is essential to provide fast, reliable and effective on-site assistance. Whether it is for one actuator or 100, we go the extra mile to maintain plant services for any scale of council operation or private scheme.”

AUMA’s modular actuator design, with plug in connectors, aided the rapid service for the Gulgong installation, providing the versatility and ease-of-installation required to facilitate easy on-site replacement. The actuator installed was the SAR 07.6, part of AUMA’s SA series of multi-turn electric actuators for modulating duty.

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