AVK knife gate valve series

AVK International A/S has recently launched its AVK knife gate valve series 702/73 with a new linear electrical actuator. It is available in DN 50-300 with the same actuator type for the complete range. The linear electrical actuator is a robust and well proved product used in many different industrial applications which makes it very appropriate for use in the wastewater segment for valve actuation. It is self-locking when not in operation; it features an accurate positioning and is an eco-friendly solution due to its 24V motor.

The knife gate valves are available with the following control boxes and battery back-up: WCU BASIC for analog control 4-20mA feed-back signals, WCU BUS for integrated BUS-communication module (PROFIBUS), WCU UPS external battery back-up unit and Programming unit for programming and copying of parameter.

The WCU BASIC or the WCU BUS is needed in order for the knife gate valve to work. The WCU UPS is optional if power failures are crucial. If a power failure should occur, and a WCU UPS battery back-up is not connected, it is possible to open and close the valve manually.

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