Axium Process helps reduce waste volumes

Axium Process now supplies custom built manual and automatic filtration systems by utilising combinations of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membrane technology that offers manufacturers to reduce water and energy costs, water recovery, effluent treatment, product recovery and diversification of products. Axium Process is a specialist in the concentration and separation of liquid streams and specialises in the design, testing, in-house fabrication and commissioning of membrane filtration systems to meet customer requirements as well as offering membrane related product and process development, technical and training support. Axium’s range of mobile membrane pilot plants are available for customers wishing to evaluate membrane technology using their own feed material, to establish potential process benefits as well as estimated operating costs which will enable a commercial decision to be made. The company is independent of any membrane manufacturer so trials are usually conducted on a range of membranes in order to establish objectively the best membrane for the project. As well as the manufacture of customised membrane filtration systems, Axium Process provides specialist component customisation, frameworks and fully integrated customised manual/automatic hygienic process plant. The company also manufactures its own range of stainless steel filters and sample valves.
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