Ball valve designs: DBB and twin ball

Two important international exhibition take place in November: ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) and Valve World in Düsseldorf (Germany).

AS-Schneider will present a selection of tailor-made Instrumentation and Double Block & Bleed Valves. Together with its customers, the company from Nordheim near Heilbronn (Germany) realizes individual solutions that are successfully used, for example, in the extraction of oil and gas and natural gas as well as in process plants in the petrochemical industry.

At both booths AS-Schneider will be presenting the following novelties:

Double Block & Bleed Piping Ball Valves Taurus Series – Twin Ball Design

The Taurus Series Double Block & Bleed Valves are providing a double isolation function with a Twin Ball Design and a bleed function by different bleed/vent valve designs. The Block Valves are available from 1″ to 6″ Full Bore (8″ Reduced Bore). The Standard Flanged Connections are offered by default acc. to ASME B16.5. The Ball Valves have an Anti-Blowout Stem Design and an Anti-Static Design and are Fire Safe tested and certified according to API 607 and ISO 10497.

The Double Block & Bleed Piping Ball Valves are designed specifically for applications in the oil and gas industry. The following designs are available:

• 2 Piece and/or 3 Piece Design

• Floating Ball Design or Trunnion Ball Design

The Taurus Series is designed, developed and tested in Germany and certified by TÜV Süd. The assembly is done exclusively in Germany. Raw materials for pressure containing parts are mainly sourced from European countries. Where necessary, PEEK as seat material and Duplex as ball material are provided. This offers customers a real added value. Stems are generally made in XM-19, an austenitic stainless steel grade, which has a greater corrosion resistance and higher yield strength than 316 stainless steel. All other trim materials and all non-wetted parts are provided in 316 stainless steel. Therefore the use in corrosive environment is feasible. For valves in special alloys all wetted parts are made in the special alloy material.


The PycnoValve Design is a compact solution for a density measurement.

The PycnoValve is designed for Natural Gas liquids measurement using a Pycnometer and Densitometer to measure the density of the process.

At a conventional installation the End-User is using a 2 Piece Design. This is heavy, adds an additional potential leak point and the sample probe breaks off in the process line. The PycnoValve by AS-Schneider provides a 1 Piece Design with integral ball valve with a welded extra heavy wall sample probe.

Schneider DirectMount Systems (SDMS)

Schneider DirectMount Systems (SDMS) are designed for a safe, efficient method of close coupling EFM’s and transmitters to the orifice fitting, eliminating or reducing the effects of Gauge Line Error. SDMS are used for flow measurement of Natural Gas.

SDMS are easy to install and available in both Vertical and Horizontal to Vertical Installations. SDMS reduce installation cost, because no need to manufacture and install tube runs, fittings, and expensive pipe stands. Reduces potential leak points associated with NPT connections. SDMS provide a safe compact leak free measurement installation. Internal porting promotes self-draining of condensates and liquids to reduce freezing issues.

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