BDK Valves, Gurukrupa Group acquire Theis Precision

BDK Valves, a manufacturer of Industrial valves, and Gurukrupa Group, a realty developer in western India, acquired a 100% stake in Theis Precision Steel India (Theis Precision).

This is the second acquisition of international companies by the promoter group to serve customers in India and across the world.

Theis Precision, formerly owned by Tata Steel, caters to the needs of various market segments such as automotive, textile machinery, cutting blades/saws, office machinery, general engineering, etc. It specializes in catering to customized requirements such as desired surface finish, roughness, tempering, dimensional tolerances, and packaging. In addition, the division has the capability of supplying hot-rolled solid profiles, cold-drawn profiles, and profiles in ready-to-use form. Theis Precision’s latest addition to the product portfolio is Hardened & Tempered strips with a unique environmentally friendly Quench Media.

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