BERNARD CONTROLS equips Moscow gas station

Thirty-five (35) BERNARD CONTROLS STX INTELLI+® explosion-proof multiturn actuators were installed a few months ago in Moscow Southern Gas Station. The actuators were chosen because of their high quality & reliability and wide automation capabilities.

As the close partner of the oil & gas industry, approved by major international companies, BERNARD CONTROLS relies on a dedicated Oil & Gas Business Manager, Mr Henri‐Pierre Jung, to ensure overall team cooperation for such oil & gas global project. Indeed, while the order was signed by BERNARD CONTROLS ITALIA with an Italian Valve Manufacturer, the actuators were then sold to Itgas – Russian company specialized in gas supply equipment – and eventually to the Russian end user Mosgaz, which is the largest gas facility in Russia and one of the largest gas facilities in the world. They supply gas to Moscow city and the surrounding region. Therefore, BERNARD CONTROLS RUSSIA – the Moscow sales office of the Group ‐ ensured follow up and strong local customer support for installation and commissioning in September 2012.

BERNARD CONTROLS Training Manager Olivier Jean delivered a technical training session about INTELLI+® actuators to Mosgaz engineers in BERNARD CONTROLS Moscow office in February 2013.

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