BSS ball valves in control

BSS Flow Control Solutions has developed a range of Quarter Turn Ball Valves in a wide variety of materials, ranging from bronze, carbon and stainless steel, to more exotic designs in titanium, HASTELLOY(R)and MONEL(R). They aim to provide a greater number of solutions to meet the stringent demands and specialist applications and requirements of the chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, gas, and food and drink industries. The versatility of the range enables BSS to provide process-specific valves for the most arduous applications. A wide choice of valve design and seat materials makes them suitable for a temperature range of –260o C to 538 o C and able to endure a pressure rating of up to 1500lb. Technical and engineering support for the product range is available through specialist external sales engineers and technical centres, supported by a National Projects and Contracts Centre and a network of 53 branches throughout the UK.

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