Burkert’s new solenoid valves type 7011 & type 7012

The new solenoid valves Type 7011 and Type 7012 are based on the new, efficient coil system. This technology, whether used in sterilisers in hospitals or medical practices, in compressors or heating systems, demands increasingly compact yet high-performance valves.
The new solenoid valve Types 7011 and Type 7012, will be available in both a 2/2-way and a 3/2-way variant. These new valves are direct-acting plunger valves that come with push-in connectors or with flange, threaded, or banjo connections.
The solenoid valves Type 7011 and Type 7012 are based on the new, efficient coil system AC08 with an optimised ratio between the iron circuit and the coil winding. This enables perfect valve switching even at ambient and media temperatures of up to 70° C and 140° C respectively.
The larger 8 mm core guide diameter contributes to the fact that switch-mode power supply units can now also be used instead of transformer power supplies, as the associated power loss is compensated by the coil.
The valves come with UR approved coils. They are thus suitable for a variety of applications and can be used almost anywhere in the world. Besides, the range will be expanded next year to include variants following standard DVGW EN 161 for fuel gases and encapsulated variants for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
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