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Our Featured articles are long reads that require more reading time than our news articles. In this section, you can find our cover stories, compelling content featuring prominent manufacturers, end-user interview with valve experts around the world, in-depth technical articles and interesting project reports from various industries, ranging from oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to power generation, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries.

FAST LNG: sprinting towards a greener future

Working on the FAST LNG project makes for a diverse and challenging experience. Valve World sits down with Claire Dwyer at Fluor to learn more.

Utmost Alloy: innovative foundry presents more options to application market

“Tackle more problems through innovative casting” is Utmost Alloy’s core value.

Reducing carbon emissions throughout the natural gas supply chain

Natural gas (NG), primarily methane (CH4), plays an important role for our world as a raw material for a great variety of industrial processes and products.

FR Valve: Ensuring quality through high standards and innovation

Suzhou's FR VALVE specializes in high-quality ball valves, prioritizing innovative escape technology in their designs for engineering excellence.

REACH PFAS restriction process and the effects on the Valve and Sealing Industry

Authorities from 5 EU countries have submitted a regulatory dossier to the ECHA proposing new restrictions to reduce the release of PFAS in the environment.

ISO 23632 design validation testing

Design validation testing, ensures that industrial valves perform within their design range. A specific standard that valves can be tested for is ISO 23632.

Changes in the API 623 standard – what they will do for you

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, many different valve designs were invented – some more successful than others.

IOGP-JIP33: Standardising equipment procurement specifications

The IOGP JIP33 program has been a great success in the short time it has been active, and is now actively engaging with operators and EPCs.

The importance of valve actuation for LNG

LNG is an increasingly important part of the global energy mix. LNG exporting has increased exponentially with the USA alone doubling exports to Europe.

Combet Valves: great solutions come in small packages

Combet Valves is ready to take the industry by storm. The young company has surpassed initial expectations, despite only dipping its toes in the market.