Innovations and solutions

The latest product introductions and innovations in the global valve and actuation industry. Keep up-to-date with all product launches that are geared towards an array of end-user markets, ranging from oil/gas, food to renewable energy (hydrogen, CCS etc.)

AVID supporter of technology

Tyco Valves & Controls have introduced the Tyco AVID range, a range of control accessories designed to complement the valves and actuators manufactured and marketed by the company.

Bestobell stainless valves

Bestobell FCx has broken into the markets of Liquefied Natural and Petroleum Gas transportation and storage.

Innovative manifold design

Parker Hannifin has launched an innovative manifold design for the new generation of Rosemount coplanar process transmitters.

Improved on-line valve testing

The international company Furmanite has introduced Trevitest, an improved version of its on-line valve testing system.

Red Valve doubles backpressure

With its Saddle Support Technology, Red Valve has doubled the backpressure ratings of its Tideflex® InLine Check Valves.

Sample cylinders meet stringent requirements

Safe containment and transport of gases and liquids in volumes from 10ml to 20 litres is assured by Hoke Sampling Cylinders.

Smart actuator

Honeywell Sensing and Control has produced the HercuLine 10260S Smart Actuator.

Severn Glocon catalogue

The UK-based manufacturer Severn Glocon, the UK manufacturer of industrial control valves, actuators and ancillaries, has produced its entire product catalogue, together with installation and maintenance manuals, on a CD ROM format.

Laserclad technology introduced

The Dutch company Nedclad Technology BV has introduced lasercladding as an alternative to other techniques for the application of wear and corrosion-resistant coatings.

BSR shut-off valves

Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc. has introduced Series BSR, a balanced, air operated shut-off valve for ultra pure and corrosive applications.