Instrumentation in the valve and actuation industry refers to the array of tools, devices, and systems utilized to monitor, regulate, and control the functioning of valves and actuators within various industrial setups. This category serves as an essential guide and repository of knowledge pertaining to the instrumentation segment of the industry.

The instrumentation category encapsulates the vast and intricate world of devices and systems that facilitate the precise control and monitoring of valves and actuators. In the modern industry landscape, instrumentation extends beyond mere control to encompass diagnostics, analytics, and integration with advanced automation systems. These instruments are crucial in ensuring the efficiency, safety, and optimal performance of valve and actuator assemblies in various industries including oil and gas, power generation, water treatment, and more.

Manifold compactness

Parker Instrumentation has released a new style of double-block-and-bleed manifold, based on a one-piece construction that aims to eliminate numerous potential leak paths compared with traditional assemblies.

Flow and mass flow instrumentation

The Tribar is a fully integrated flow meter for liquid and gas flow measurement.

Actuator swings both ways

HSI has added a Size 23 linear/rotary dual motion unit to its hybrid stepper motor products.

Micro-miniature valve from Bio-Chem

Designers of analytical and medical instrumentation challenged by smaller sample sizes and the ongoing need for portable, compact automated liquid handling equipment can now look to Bio-Chem Valve for a new smaller, 3/8" diameter, micro-miniature, inert solenoid operated isolation valve.

Emerson to supply Motiva refinery

Emerson Process Management has received a USD 1 million contract for front-end engineering and design (FEED), and project execution services as the main automation contractor (MAC) for a major automation program at Motiva Enterprises' Norco Refinery, located in Norco, Louisiana, USA.

New field instrument for process industries

Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions has announced that its Industrial Measurement and Control (IM&C) business has introduced key new field instrument solutions that will help users reduce maintenance costs, maintain high uptime, and improve productivity.

Sensor gives true valve feedback

Unlike traditional solenoid valves, where an LED signal only indicates the solenoid valve is receiving power, KV’s extension to its range of solenoid valves now provides true positional feedback indicating the valve is actually in its “open” or “closed” position.

Emerson goes east

Fisher-Rosemount will henceforth be known as Emerson Process Management.

High-integrity manifold

Parker Instrumentation has unveiled a comprehensive range of high-integrity manifolds, designed to meet the growing demand for new levels of safety and performance for instrumentation systems used in oil, gas, chemical and other process plants.

Emerson welcomes Tim Schilz

Emerson Process Management has hired Tim Schilz as OEM and Key Accounts Manager.


The instrumentation segment within the valve and actuation industry remains at the forefront of fostering efficiency, safety, and innovation in various industrial landscapes. Acting as the central nervous system of valve operations, instrumentation encompasses an ever-evolving array of technologies and tools designed to optimize, control, and monitor valve and actuator functions. From sensor technologies facilitating real-time monitoring to advanced diagnostic tools paving the way for predictive maintenance, this category highlights the industry’s strides towards integrating intelligent solutions in contemporary infrastructures.

As we steer into a future marked by Industry 4.0, the realm of instrumentation stands as a testament to human ingenuity, continually redefining the paradigms of operational excellence and safety. The instrumentation category serves not just as a repository of the latest developments, but also as a beacon, guiding professionals towards adopting more sustainable, efficient, and integrated approaches in valve and actuation management. By staying tuned to the advancements in this category, stakeholders can navigate the complexities of modern industrial ecosystems with informed perspectives, harnessing the full potential of instrumentation in driving growth and innovation in the valve and actuation industry.

Instrumentation in the valve and actuation industry serves as the nerve center of modern industrial operations, fostering precision, efficiency, and safety. As technology evolves, the category promises to bring forth more advanced and integrated solutions, paving the way for smarter, more sustainable, and safer industrial environments. Keeping abreast with developments in this category equips industry professionals with the knowledge and tools to leverage the full potential of modern valve and actuator systems.