High-temperature low-emissions control valve sealing

Tighten fugitive emissions control: EPA and EU highlight rising stem valves' impact in oil refineries.

Application of fluid control technology to hydrogen refueling stations

Tomoko Kubota talks about the Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) that was designed by Kitz Corporation

Control valve Q&A

Q&A with Jon Monsen on how a control valve for liquid service, and to solve the problem on his sizing application that would be cavitating.

Benefits of fluid-structure interaction (FSI) modelling in industrial valve design

Industrial valves excel in critical applications, managing hazardous fluids in extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

Control valves and cycling control loops

Jon Monsen, a renowned control valve expert, delves into the impact of cycling control loops on minimizing unwanted process variability.

Super duplex for stronger valves

Over 30 years, SAF ™ super-duplex stainless steel revolutionized the industry with a lighter, stronger, and cost-effective alternative to high nickel alloys.

Metal-seated ball valve vs. soft-seated valves

In the evolving world of industry and engineering, selecting the right components for various applications poses constant challenges.

Carbon capture and storage – why nickel alloys are capturing attention

Industries worldwide aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and prevent its release into the atmosphere through carbon capture and storage technologies.

Control valve Q&A

Q&A with Jon Monsen on how a control valve with an inherent equal percentage characteristic becomes linear when installed in a system with a lot of piping.

Arrhenius seal life prediction project: results and analysis

In 2019, the ESA & Polymeric Seals Division launched a study to explore aging's effects on elastomer seals and life prediction.