CB Series control boxes

Assured Automation has released a new line of weatherproof CB Series control boxes which allow users to operate Assured Automation electric or pneumatic actuators from a remote location (pneumatic actuators require a solenoid). These compact control boxes are available with lamp indication for feedback confirmation of actuator/valve position (limit switch required). The actuator offers: high strength, chemical resistant, weatherproof enclosure; lamps for 100,000 hours continuous use; protected LED modules; and a lamp indication for feedback confirmation of actuator/valve position. Typical applications include: operate motor starters, pumps, valve actuators both electric and pneumatic (solenoid operated) when placed on the control side of an electrical circuit; provide local indication / confirmation of a valve position, open or closed; provide local indication for level sensing devices such as a Low or High alarm feedback; and provide simple on/off control eliminating the use of a full size control panel and terminal blocks.
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