ChampionX unveils new subsurface rod pumping cage

ChampionX has announced the industry’s newest advanced subsurface rod pumping cage. When rod pumps malfunction, the root cause is often associated with gas and or solids interference. Given their potential for proppant flowback over time and higher gas-to-liquids ratios, horizontal tight oil wells can challenge conventional cage designs. When the pump system’s cage is unable to displace gas or solids, the result can be a failure and severe damage to the overall rod pump system, such as intense ball rattling, plugged cages, inefficient pump fillage, and fluid pounding.
Harbison-Fischer’s new single-piece HFX*™ cage is engineered to raise the rod pumping standard in severe service conditions by optimizing fluid flow dynamics and minimizing energy loss–a drop in pressure during the valve’s opening and closing. Reducing the pressure drop keeps gas and solids entrained in the fluid as it is conveyed through the pump.
A rod pump’s performance depends on its ability to open and close valves during production operations regardless of the well’s conditions. The HFX cage delivers a higher lifting force that maximizes pump fillage while efficiently handling gas and solids to eliminate interference effects and improve overall performance.

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