Clarke Valve achieves initial ISO 15848-1 certification

Clarke Valve™, developer and manufacturer of the world’s most compact and efficient control valve, announced that it has achieved the initial certification of the Shutter Valve™ under ISO 15848-1:2015.

ISO 15848-1:2015, “Industrial valves – Measurement, test and qualification procedures for fugitive emissions” is the latest in a growing list of performance benchmarks and certifications to be earned by the innovative Shutter Valve. ISO 15848-1 addresses both isolation valves and control valves and specifies the testing procedures for the evaluation of the external leakage of volatile air pollutants, from the valve stem shaft seals and valve body joints.

Under this specific standard, a control valve must be cycled from 40% open to 60% open, with a minimum of 20,000 cycles for the first rating (CC1). To date, the Shutter Valve has achieved the CC1 standard, with a proven tightness of Class AM, emitting less than 50 parts per million by volume (ppmv) of methane. This tightness class is the most stringent fugitive emissions measurement in the world and serves as yet another major validation of the Shutter Valve design.

Yarmouth Research and Technology, LLC, the valve testing services company since 1992, is Clarke Valve’s chosen testing partner for ISO 15848-1 and other critical standards. Yarmouth Research previously conducted the API 641 certification of the Shutter Valve and will oversee continued testing of the Shutter Valve under ISO 15848-1, until the CC2 (60,000 cycles) and CC3 (100,000 cycles) thresholds are met.

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