Conex Bänninger launches control valve

Conex Bänninger, a manufacturer of fittings and valves for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration, has added pressure-independent control valves (PICVs) to its already extensive portfolio of products. This latest addition seeks to improve energy efficiency in order to offer a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. PICVs use dynamic balancing to handle pressure fluctuations in a building’s hydronic heating or cooling system. Aside from achieving energy savings of up to 30% by controlling system underflows and overflows, PICVs drastically reduce temperature swings, helping to maintain occupant comfort.

PICVs offer a ‘three-in-one’ solution, with volume flow control, differential pressure control, and two-port control and actuation. With two operating modes, the valve can be used to restrict flow rate or entirely shut off the fluid to automatically balance the system. Or alternatively, when connected to an actuator, the valve can be used to enable independent control of the pressure in accordance with the thermal load requirements of the circuit section.

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