Curtiss-Wright Corporation’s FTX215 actuators

Curtiss-Wright Corporation has released its Exlar® FTX Series high force electric rod style linear actuator product line with the release of the FTX215 model.

The FTX Series actuators leverage more than a decade of experience successfully replacing hydraulics in high force, high duty cycle applications in harsh environments. Based on planetary roller screw technology, the FTX Series offers high robustness in a compact form factor, making them an ideal alternative to hydraulic cylinders. With continuous force rating to 178 kN (40,000 lbf), speed to 875 mm/sec (34 in/sec) and stroke lengths from 150mm (6 inches) to 900mm (3 feet) the FTX Series can be applied across a wide range of linear motion applications.

The FTX215, a next generation version of the current FT80 model, features the following key enhancements over the existing FT Series designs: High capacity planetary roller screw with 15X life, high shock load resistance than a comparably sized ball screw,  IP65 (min.) environmental protectio, and Idler pulley design greatly simplifies motor installation and belt tensioning / maintenance. The grease zerk fitting and removable front seal bushing greatly simplify maintenance and re-greasing of nut assembly to maximize actuator life.

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