DANFLO surge relief systems from Celeros

The M&J Valve portfolio from Celeros Flow Technology includes the DANFLO axial surge relief flow control valve, which is designed to protect pipelines, pumps, and other devices from transient surge overpressures. Applications include oil, gas, or liquid pipelines, tanker terminals, metering systems, injection and recovery systems, pump station by-pass, and underground storage installations.
Surge pressure is defined as the rapid change in pipeline pressure caused by a change in flow rate in the liquid pipeline. Surge events can be triggered simply by closing a valve too quickly. The resulting pressure surge travels at sonic velocities through the pipeline, reaching speeds of up to 1000 m/s. It can cause severe infrastructure damage, loss of product, and environmental harm, as well as pose a significant risk to personnel safety.
DANFLO surge relief valves (SRV) offer a very quick response time and high flow capacity, making them ideally suited to surge control applications. These valves are engineered to track unabated surge-wave pressure transient: opening quickly, then closing without slamming shut.
The valve features an axial “straight-path” smooth flow pattern and has a large annular flow area for high-pressure recovery, low-pressure drop, and high flow coefficients. It achieves surge control by loading the plug cavity from a regulated nitrogen source. A line pressure surge above the nitrogen set pressure opens the valve immediately. Transient surge pressure is thus reduced as the extra surge volume is relieved. The plug then tracks line pressure until equilibrium is re-established and the valve closes.

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