Deep drawn stainless steel valves

Lübeck-based company Mankenberg GmbH produces industrial valves from various stainless steels and other materials, such as titanium, by deep drawing with a High Grade unit assembly system. In deep drawing a metal blank sheet or a metal tape is subject to tensile compression to form a hollow body open on one side without intentionally modifying the sheet thickness. Preferably the deep-drawn parts are fabricated from low carbon stainless steel 1.4404/316L featuring high resistance to pitting and stress crack owing to the admixture of 2-3 % of molybdenum. This material is used for natural environmental media (in rural and urban zones) as well as in industrial estates with moderate concentration of chlorine and salt, in the food-stuffs industry sector and agrarian foodstuffs sector. However, this type of steel is suitable for limited usage in seawater, therefore, other materials have to be used in especially critical zones (offshore technology, etc.).
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