Differential Pressure Switch by Clark Solutions

Clark Solutions introduced the Series 604 Differential Pressure Switch. Featuring long-term set point stability and integrated cable strain relief, Series 604 Differential Pressure Switches are typically used for monitoring filter and fan pressures. These switches are also apt choices for system interlocks, alarms in ventilation ducts, fume hoods, paint spray booths and other commercial and industrial differential pressure applications.

Designed for use with air and non-corrosive gases and for pressure ranges from 0.08″–4.0″ w.c., with switch points from 0.05” to 4.0″ w.c., Series 604 Differential Pressure Switches feature a trapezoidal bead diaphragm design (which insures long term set point stability), integrated cable strain relief, and multi-plated brass, silver palladium, or gold contacts. All 604 Differential Pressure Switches are manufactured using an automated calibration process to insure high accuracy and reliability.

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