Digital Product Pass becomes Digital Valve Plate

AS-Schneider will rename its digital nameplate Digital Product Pass (DPP) to Digital Valve Plate (DVP).
Products in the process industry are usually delivered with a large number of technical documents. Depending on the project scope, hundreds of printed pages of drawings, material certificates, testing documents as well as maintenance and servicing information are generated. In order to advance the digitalisation of mechanical components and to take a step towards Industry 4.0, AS-Schneider has already introduced its digital nameplate based on DIN SPEC 91406 under the name “Digital Product Pass” in 2019.
What was not known at the time, however, was that the European Commission was working on a Digital Product Pass of the same name as part of the Sustainable Product Strategy. In recent months, this EU Digital Product Pass has increasingly established itself as a fixed term in the industry, according to AS-Schneider.

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