Direct acting spring-loaded VSM valves from CSA

The spring-loaded direct acting valve automatically sustains and relieves the upstream pressure regardless of downstream and flow rate variations. The pressure-balanced technology, obtained by an intermediate chamber and a sturdy mobile block design, guarantees a high accuracy and long lasting performances. By means of an exclusive self-cleaning piston technology, the VSM pressure regulator stands out for a higher reliability, compared to pilot operated control valves, due reduction of maintenance and the efficiency in case of water not perfectly treated.

The hydrodynamic profile of the VSM body, with a large expansion right downstream of the sealing seat, ensures high resistance against cavitation effects and vibrations, in case of high-pressure ratio conditions. The absence of pilots and hydraulic circuitry avoids rapid variations and consequently the risk of pressure surges, as well as possible pulsations and potential tampering. Finally, even in terms of reaction time, the CSA pressure-sustaining VSM stands out to be the safer solution, always ensuring the proper functioning also in case rapid variations of the hydraulic parameters.

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