Direct instrument mounting

Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Products, a division of Tyco Valves & Controls, has developed the Saddlemount™ manifold and isolation valve mounting system for direct-mounting DP transmitters. The standardised system offers all the benefits of direct instrument mounting together with flexible design and substantial cost savings for the customer on installation, operation and maintenance.
Modern developments in transmitter technology mean that today’s high-performance transmitters require less maintenance and longer periods between calibration. However, impulse lines connecting the orifice flange union to the transmitter / manifold still require constant maintenance, and can cause critical measurement errors. The installation of impulse lines is associated with problems as diverse as plugging / blocking, hydrostatic head error, leakage of process and consequent environmental hazards, freezing, and problems with pipework routing and space. Due to these problems, many companies now require DP transmitter / manifolds to be mounted directly onto the orifice flange, eliminating the need for impulse line pipework, and the Saddlemount™ system was designed to achieve this objective.
The manufacturers describe Saddlemount™ as a compact, leak-free and safe modular system for direct mounting pressure transmitters to orifice plate primary elements. Featuring a rigid connection to the orifice flange, an isolation / block valve module and a choice of instrument modules, there are no impulse lines or brackets, thus significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs. Designed for close coupling DP transmitters to orifice flange unions, the system is stated to be ideal for use on gas or liquids. Saddlemount™ is completely self-draining, and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

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