Dixon valves prove successful

Dixon has revealed that its valve range is not restricted to hygienic applications. The company also offers industrial actuated valves that are suitable for use in a multitude of process industries.
In one instance, a paint manufacturer required a solution for moving paint, which was accumulating in the void behind the ball on its encapsulated SVF ball valves.
Dixon investigated and found that the titanium dioxide additive within the paint was causing premature failure of the standard ball valves being used.
The solution would include an encapsulated ball valve that would minimise the titanium dioxide paint migration between the ball and valve body. Dixon concluded that 15 per cent fibreglass-reinforced PTFE seats and seals with higher abrasion resistance, as well as a larger actuator, would be beneficial.
Key benefits of the product application include; the enlarged actuator ensured valve rotation if the process fluid began to solidify, the valve system was put through a one-year in-service test and was successful and finally the products service life was increased at a competitive price.
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