Dome valves solve problems

Throughout 2001, Brockmoor Foundry in Brierley Hill, West Midlands (UK), experienced numerous issues with a piston-operated seal valve. A dome valve from Clyde Materials Handling, however, has since solved these problems. The dome valve made such an impression on Brockmoor Foundry that the company decided to purchase further dome valves from Clyde for vacuum and sand transport systems. The piston-operated seal valve in question formed a key part of Brockmoor Foundry’s production of SG Iron castings. The seal valves used in the production process caused excessive sand leakage, which increased production downtime. Brockmoor Foundry approached Doncaster-based Clyde Materials Handling in order to find a solution and consequently purchased a 6-inch dome valve that was installed at the foundry two years ago. To date, the dome valve has worked successfully under extreme conditions. Brockmoor Foundry has since purchased an 8-inch dome valve for its vacuum system and a 150mm diverting valve for the company’s sand transport system.

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