Double savings for dyeing specialist

By installing process control systems Bürkert Fluid Control Systems’ distributor J Ll Leach has solved a QA problem, improved quality and reduced costs for a customer in the textile industry. Worthington Manufacturing, a specialist dyer of fabrics and fittings for the lingerie trade, has enjoyed a close working relationship with Bürkert Fluid Control Systems’ distributor J Ll Leach. Following a factory fire in May 2000 the two companies began a programme to update and improve the efficiency of Worthington’s Macclesfield textile dyeing plant. The project included the automation of batch control and heating systems for water used in the dyeing process, and new temperature control and heat transfer systems for the dyeing tanks. Design and installation of the process systems was carried out by J Ll Leach and included steam, hot water, temperature control panels, pneumatics and compressed air. Bürkert supplied a variety of components including flow sensors, batch controllers, water and steam solenoid valves and steam angle seat valves. A spokesman for J Ll Leach explained: “Dyes were being added to the dyeing vats using measuring jugs but there was no accurate measurement of the water used, which meant there could be a difference of 30 to 40 litres between vats, leading to inconsistencies in material colours and shades. To solve the problem, each vat was fitted with a Bürkert flow meter and batch controller to control the on/off flow of the water; and a small paddlewheel sensor to measure how much water was going in. The flow sensor was linked to the batch meter and a solenoid valve.” Bürkert also supplied steam valves for the bespoke on/off temperature controls in a new heat recovery system that uses heated wastewater to raise the temperature of the incoming mains water.
The system provides a double saving for Worthington. First it reduces wastewater temperatures, which can be as high as 90ºC, to the 42ºC required for main drains disposal. It then raises the incoming mains water from 12ºC to 31.5ºC. Bürkert steam valves are also fitted to the system that raises the water temperature in the vats to 40ºC before the dye is added and on up to 90ºC for the process itself. The water is re-circulated through a plate
heat exchanger to ensure that it does not contaminate the dye liquor.

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