Dresser valves for Westinghouse reactors

Dresser Consolidated® recently announced that it has been chosen by
Westinghouse Electric Company LLC as the main steam safety valve supplier for four of the company’s AP1000™ pressurized water reactors (PWR) in the United States. The Dresser Consolidated 3700 Maxiflow main steam safety valves will be delivered to AP1000 nuclear power plant sites in Georgia and South Carolina between 2012 and 2014. By discharging steam to atmosphere, the 3700 main steam safety valves will ensure residual heat removal from reactor coolant system via the steam generator, and secondary side over pressure protection during design basis accidents and transients. The 3700 Maxiflow main steam safety valve is designed with a duel outlet configuration that can handle more than one and a half million pounds per hour of steam. A Thermodisc® seat design offers a leak-tight interface between the nozzle and the valve disk. The 3700 Maxiflow main steam safety valve will also comply with QME-1 requirements and flow test requirements mandated by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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