Durapipe launches PLC networked valve

Water treatment, manufacturing, and industrial process plant operators now have more choice when connecting to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with the launch of a new networked controlled actuated valve from Durapipe UK.

The new Actuator Network Module (ANMod) is operated via a communicator device contained within an IP66 rated protective casing. Durapipe’s first ANMod device incorporates a Profibus Protocol slave communicator and, unlike other options available on the market, is a complete solution with the valve, actuator, and communicator all supplied as one pre-programmed, pre-wired solution. This eliminates the need for any additional power supply and minimises set-up and installation time.

Always looking to bring true innovation to the market, ANMod positions the Profibus module in a separate housing outside the actuator. This unique design ensures it is easy to maintain the valve and actuator without the risk of damage to the Profibus module.

ANMod is compatible with a variety of PLCs that operate the Profibus Protocol, with the new Durapipe solution supporting Profibus DP V0 and V1. Partnering with HMS Industrial Networks AB, global market leaders in networking technology, Durapipe has ensured customers will benefit from the matched quality, reliability and proven performance Durapipe and HMS are known for.

As the most frequently used valves within industrial control networks and the water utility sector, a selection of Durapipe VKD and TKD ball valves can be utilised with ANMod. Durapipe VKD and L and T port TKD valves, in any configuration of size, material, flange, and fail-safe option, combined with a 110 – 230V AC or 24V AC/DC electric actuator, can be fitted with ANMod.

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