EagleBurgmann’s smart seal solution

For decades, EagleBurgmann has been a partner of the oil and gas industry and contributes to the reliability of the transportation process by providing innovative sealing solutions. With the introduction of a new smart technology for digital condition monitoring of seals, a further future-oriented step has been taken.
Energy sources such as oil and gas are transported for hundreds or even thousands of kilometers through pipelines and numerous pump stations that enable the movement of raw materials. For this to function consistently and reliably, regular service and maintenance of the systems are essential. However, in practice, this is a challenge. The great distances between the pump stations are mostly unmanned and also difficult to access leading to substantial effort for performing service works on site. The idea of monitoring plants remotely, predicting service needs on time as well as planning and bundling deployments is hence obvious. Whereas the digital and location-independent monitoring of pumps has been possible for some years now, the control of the seals still required cumbersome and regular tests on site. In an increasingly digitalized world, this approach is no longer up-to-date, concludes EagleBurgmann. In a pilot project with one of the leading North American energy infrastructure companies, the first EB Smart Seal Solution was put into operation, thereby creating a successful start for the use of digital sealing technologies.

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