Ecosorb releases EcoLink

Ecosorb a worldwide leader in industrial odor elimination—announces the release of EcoLink, an online portal for remote monitoring and control of industrial odor neutralization systems. With this advancement, users can now manage their equipment from anywhere in the world with any device capable of hosting a web browser, such as a smart phone, tablet, or PC. Using EcoLink, Ecosorb units can be managed remotely in the cloud, lifting local limitations for monitoring operations and making adjustments.

The EcoLink system was designed using cybersecurity best practices to ensure access for only authorized users. At the hardware level, EcoLink leverages an Ewon Flexy device to encrypt and transmit data to a professionally-hosted cloud server. From there, the data is made available for consumption on a mobile device or PC via the standard HTTPS secure web protocol.

In the event remote access throttling is desired, an optional switch can be added to the Flexy for enabling and disabling cloud communication. When disabled, connectivity with the cloud is completely blocked.

Ecosorb industrial systems are more convenient to operate than ever before with these new 24/7 remote connectivity and management capabilities. Authorized users can access their units from any smartphone, tablet, computer, or other devices capable of hosting a web browser, without the need to install and maintain any software on the device.

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