Electro Scan’s new water leak detection technology

Electro Scan, announced its new patent pending multi-sensor probe that accurately finds and measures water losses.

Water utilities commonly lose 20-30% of their production before delivery to a customer’s meter, with fixing the wrong pipe often costing 10 times more than fixing the right pipe.

Since legacy equipment, like acoustic sensors, data loggers, electro-magnetic sensors, and visual inspections cannot detect water leaks, next generation technologies are employed to assess water mains and certify their repair.

Electro Scan’s technology assesses both pressurized and gravity water mains while pipes remain in service.

The company’s patent pending multi-sensor probe, includes – low voltage conductivity sensor for measuring individual leaks and total defect flows; high definition camera for navigating through water mains and identifying leak locations; pressure sensor for identifying location-specific water pressure and acoustic sensor for recording sound vibrations.

Using a neutrally buoyant fibre optic cable, Company can evaluate up to 2,000ft of water main from a single point of entry, accessed through fire hydrants, air valves, flow meters, gate valves, and pressure fittings.

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