Emerson opens service center for Middle East & Afr

Emerson Process Management has opened its new Middle East Flow Service Center in Abu Dhabi. Representing an investment of $3 million, this new center serves customers in the Middle East and Africa with the first, in-region VSL Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC)-certified calibration facility. Previously, Middle Eastern and African customers faced limited options and high operational hurdles to validate flow device calibrations or provide required third party documentation associated with ISO9000 Quality or regulatory requirements. The result was often process shutdowns and delays while flowmeters were physically removed from operation and shipped overseas for calibration, service or performance diagnostics. For all customers, the new, local service from the Middle East Flow Service Center, Abu Dhabi means minimal process downtime and substantially reduced costs coupled with the quality assurance that calibrations are done with an internationally-certified standard. This new Flow Service Center in Abu Dhabi operates using ISO 9001:2008 certified processes and is committed to ongoing process improvements to ensure superior quality. Metrological traceability and certification processes ensure reliable measurements in laboratories and facilities around the world. VSL, the National Metrology Institute of the Netherlands, has certified the calibration equipment’s Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) with an uncertainty of 0.03%. This CMC reflects the traceability, technical competence and capability of the calibration equipment available at the new Emerson facility. Middle East Flow Service Center also offers a broad range of services including flowmeter diagnostics and evaluations, witness inspection services and documentation to establish the quality of calibration and testing, meter repair, and factory-designed training programs on-site or at the customer’s facility.

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